CLUTCH : A Quick Death in Texas

“The video for ‘Quick Death In Texas’ was a lot of fun to make” states front man Neil Fallon.  “Dave Brodsky and his crew did a great job and considering that the whole shoot was done in a single day is astonishing.  The cast at Wild West City are a […]


JIM BREUER : Old School

For hard rock and metal aficionados, you’ll have a lot of fun watching and listening to the new video for Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy’s “Old School.” In the clip, Breuer name drops some of his favorite metal songs and references and also does his best impersonations of […]



Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy “Thrash” from the album “Songs from the Garage”. Jim Breuer comments: “‘Thrash’ pretty much wraps up what this project and album represents! This song is for people that grew up with rock and hard rock who now have families, but still love to […]


CLUTCH : Psychic Warfare Sessions

A series of 10 Behind-The-Scenes videos,  these video clips shot by David Brodsky and Allison Woest for My Good Eye: Music Visuals, will give fans an unprecedented view into the studios, as well as insight into the thoughts and ideas behind the making of the new Clutch album “Psychic Warfare”. […]


AUDIOTOPSY : The Calling

The David Brodsky-directed clip centers on a young man sitting amidst a bunch of instruments on a stage, plotting out his future. But as the video continues we see the band members performing the song “The Calling” and what appears to be the young man all grown up and rocking. […]


WIND IN SAILS : Side By Side

Wind In Sails is the solo project of Evan Pharmakis. Evan gained a strong following from his song writing efforts and clean vocals in the post hardcore band Vanna which he co founded. Since his departure from Vanna in January of 2012 he has moved on to create a softer […]


ELECTRIC CITIZEN : Light Years Beyond

Cincinatti’s Electric Citizen play groovy 70’s influenced hard rock with female fronted vocals, “Light Years Beyond” some of the simplistic sub-sub-Tee Pee stuff that’s floating around these days. In fact the aforementioned track “Light Years Beyond” is their own call to arms, a riffy, pedal to the floor burner that […]


CLUTCH : Earth Rocker Live DVD

Post-Production and DVD Authoring for the CLUTCH : Earth Rocker Live DVD



Directed by David Brodsky Produced and shot by Allison Woest Edited by David Brodsky



Directed by David Brodsky Produced and shot by Allison Woest Edited by David Brodsky


NOT NOW RIGHT NOW: Mimic the Accident

Directed by David Brodsky Produced and shot by Allison Woest Edited by David Brodsky


RED FANG : The Meadows

Red Fang have a new video for “The Meadows” from their recently released EP on Scion AV. The glutinous clip finds the hairy and hilarious metal band putting on their fancy clothes and putting away a herculean amount of food in a super slow motion. You might need to go […]