BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR : Devin Townsend : Juular

It is with great pride that we brag a bit about winning the BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR on METAL INJECTION (the premier site for all things METAL)! It is always gratifying to be noticed and I’d personally like to thank: DEVIN for letting us play with him and for […]


Goin’ Live!

Well, live at last! Uploading nearly 450 videos into Vimeo, then making thumbnails, then making posts, then posting them… well, that’s time consuming. I’ve done a bunch to get us started and I made a promise to myself to do at least 5 a day until I’m done. We’ll see […]



Man, did I do a lousy job of keeping current with my websites last year. Ha! Hopefully, now that I’ve migrated over to a WordPress site, it’ll be easier to stay on top of what’s going on. Any questions? Comments? Email : info@mgenyc.com -David