IMAGINATOR : Control Your Visual Destiny

With my partner MARCURIOS, I programmed an in-game color-correction tool which allow players to alter Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Amount of Light, Blur and Motion Blur. Basically granting access to developer tools to the average user and allowing them to make FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS look exactly as they want it […]


LUMENARIUM : Sunglasses that Work

FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS takes place in a desert and yet the sunglasses didn’t do anything… so I fixed that. My first ‘mod’ – which lead to a minor mod-addiction. Graphics for the mod are designed in the style of the game “lore”.


WARZONES : Misanthropy Pure

A Top 10 MOD for FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS with over 20K users! Within the mod, I created a few MASSIVE in-game cities with a ton of people shooting at each other. Not only did I design and program the mod, but I made up some graphics to help promote […]


CINEMATECH : Film Grain and Styles

Also for FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS and also in partnership with GOPHER we created a MOD that adds film grains and styles to the game. And here are the graphics that I designed to fit in with the ‘lore’ of the game.


DYNAVISION2 : Dynamic Lens Effect

More graphics for a video game mod! DYNAVISION 2 adds a DYNAMIC LENS EFFECT – simulating an autofocus camera – into FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS. It’s actually very cool! The mod was programmed with GOPHER.



Being something of an avid gamer and a geek, I spent a little quiet time making a few ‘mods’ for the game FALLOUT : NEW VEGAS. ELECTRO-CITY went on to be one of the Top 10 files downloaded for the game with a total of over 30K users! Why is […]