Straight outta Pittsburgh, Barrett “Kastle” Richards has taken his childhood love of R&B and hip-hop to the top as a producer of irresistible dubstep jams. Here, director David Brodsky marries a hella catchy Kastle tune to what looks like a strange pagan ritual involving masks, spray paint, and a bald man with a blow dryer.

Director : David Brodsky
Director of Photography : David Brodsky
Producer : Allison Woest
Editor : David Brodsky

  • AUDIOTOPSY : The Calling
    AUDIOTOPSY : The Calling
  • CANNIBAL CORPSE : Kill or Become
    CANNIBAL CORPSE : Kill or Become
  • ARCH/MATHEOS : Midnight Serenade
    ARCH/MATHEOS : Midnight Serenade
  • ICED EARTH : Dystopia
    ICED EARTH : Dystopia