VISIGOTH : The Revenant King

Directed by David Brodsky (Strapping Young Lad, GWAR), the video tells an all-too-familiar tale of the craving of power, at any cost. But in this story, how can you take power from that which can’t die? The Revenant King is now available to download via iTunes or through Metal Blade. […]


GWAR : Let Us Slay

Director : David Brodsky Director of Photography : David Brodsky Editor : David Brodsky Animator : David Brodsky Producer : Allison Woest METAL BLADE RECORDS


What’s to Know about David S. Brodsky

I’ve loved music, well, forever. I’ve loved art also forever. If you ask my mom, she’ll be able to drag out a photo of me standing near an eisle, covered in paint, with a huge grin on my face.  I must have been 2.  I wonder what happened to that […]