BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR : Devin Townsend : Juular

It is with great pride that we brag a bit about winning the BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR on METAL INJECTION (the premier site for all things METAL)! It is always gratifying to be noticed and I’d personally like to thank:

DEVIN for letting us play with him and for being on our side! Easily one of the world’s most talented artists. He makes everything look easy.

ALLIE for being awesome and putting it all together.

LYDIA for also being awesome, for the great costumes and for being the finest Lady Vagine we could have asked for.

BRIAN for the amazing makeup job on completely transforming Devin into Juular.

TANK and ADAM for, once again, knocking the ball out of the park.

MARK for his help and his humor.

TAPIO for his amazing texture work and for being my FOBFF!

STEVE JOH at CENTURY MEDIA for, as usual, being one of the greatest guys in the business.

And, of course, METAL INJECTION for continuing to promote METAL and VIDEO – two of my favorite things – throughout all these years. With the “death” of MTV, it was said that videos would die also. Thanks to you guys, they’ve become more popular than ever.


– David