CLUTCH : A Quick Death in Texas

“The video for ‘Quick Death In Texas’ was a lot of fun to make” states front man Neil Fallon.  “Dave Brodsky and his crew did a great job and considering that the whole shoot was done in a single day is astonishing.  The cast at Wild West City are a great  group of folks.  In a world of monster corporate theme parks, Wild West City is a rare gem.   (And no…  Wild West City is not in Texas.  It’s in New Jersey in the shadow of the Poconos.)

“I won’t lie, I had a blast playing cowboy for a day, even if it meant getting repeatedly killed, sometimes by desperados, sometimes by trusted bandmates.  Originally, I was going to be drawn-and-quartered, but we didn’t have the budget for four horses.  So we opted for a traditional one-horse-dragging. And Lucky, the painted roan, did a fine job of delivering justice.”


Director: David Brodsky @ MyGoodEye (

Producers: Allison Woest and Mary Benson

Editor: David Brodsky

Cameras: David Brodsky, Allison Woest and Andrew “Tank” Rivara

Lighting/Grip/Electric : Andrew “Tank” Rivara and Evan Wood

Ass’t Director : Alex Kennedy

Production Assistants : Max Kennedy & Mike Compitello


Christopher J. Dimitriou

Pony Bob Erven

Frank Benson

Kayla Peraino

Katie Benson

Doc Benson

Shot on location @ Wild West City, Stanhope, New Jersey.