DIRECTOR : Music Videos

I’ve worked with all manner of music genres and, thankfully, my videos have been broadcast worldwide on every major (and minor) network that caters to this kind of thing. I’ve also been graced with a number of MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS throughout the years.

Acacia Strain, The – Angry Mob Justice
Acacia Strain, The – Skynet
Agents of Man – Death of Me (co w/RNF)
Agents of Man – Without a Trace
Agonist, The – And Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep
Agonist, The – Business Suits and Combat Boots
Agonist, The – Thank You Pain
All That Remains – Forever In Your Hands
All That Remains – Tattered On My Sleeve
Anew Revolution – Done
Anew Revolution – Head Against the Wall
Arsis – Forced to Rock
Arsis – We Are the Nightmare
Austrian Death Machine – I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle
Black Dahlia Murder, The – Everything Went Black
Bleed the Dream – Closer
Bleed the Sky – Sullivan
Bleeding Through – Death Anxiety
Blood Promise – Suite 218
Born Of Osiris – Now Arise
Brother Von Doom – Eater of Days
Bury Your Dead – Color of Money (co w/RNF)
Cryptopsy – Worship Your Demons
Dead By Wednesday – Pawns
Detoura – Reflections
Devolved – Fractured
Diecast – Fade Away
Diecast – These Days
Dirty Rig – Dogs
Doughty, Mike – Rising Up
Earth Crisis – To Ashes
Ekotren – Tranquilized
E-Town Concrete – What Can I Do?
Empyreon – Beyond Perception
Forever the Sickest Kids – What Do You Want From Me
Full Blown Chaos – Halos for Heroes
Goatwhore – Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult
Goatwhore – Apocalyptic Havok
Goatwhore – Forever Consumed Oblivion
God Forbid – Anti-Hero (co w/RNF)
God Forbid – The End of the World
God Forbid – Chains of Humanity
Gwar – Let Us Slay
Gwar – School’s Out
Gwar – War Party (co w/RNF)
Haste the Day – When Everything Falls (co w/RNF)
Hate Eternal – Bringer of Storms
Hed (PE) – Represent (co w/RNF)
Helmet – Monochrome (from the SAW 3 Soundtrack)
Hyde – Killer collage
Karate High School – Burning Up For You
Kataklysm – Taking the World By Storm
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Cry Baby
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Matador
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Look At Me Now
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Luv U 2 Pieces
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – RedLight
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Rush
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Shy Boy
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Somebody Help Me
Kervin – Mimic the Accident
Kittie – CutThroat
Kittie – Sorrow I Know
Kylesa – Hollow Severer
Midnight to Twelve – Slam
Misery Index – Traitors
Misery Signals – A Certain Death
Municipal Waste – Wrong Answer
My American Heart – Poison
My Children My Bride – Wings of Integrity
Necro – The Pre-Fix for Death
Necro – Mutilate the Beat (co-directed with Necro)
Opiate for the Masses – Burn You Down
Origin – Finite
Pig Destroyer – Loathsome
Red Car Wire – Timing Just Isn’t Your Thing
Red Chord, The – Antman
Red Chord, The – Black Santa
Red Chord, The – Demoralizer
Red Chord, The – Dread Prevailed
Remembering Never – Con Artist
Revocation – Dismantle the Dictators
Scars of Tomorrow – The Constant Horror of Reality
Sixth Gate – Unattached Human
Shai Hulud – Misanthropy Pure
SmashUp, The – Effigy
Smashup, The – Let Loose the Black Sail
SmashUp, The – No Name
Soilent Green – Antioxidant
Shadows Fall – Bark At The Moon
SkeletonWitch – Repulsive Salvation
Strapping Young Lad – Wrong Side
Street Drum Corps f/ Bert McCracken (w/ Bert McCracken) – Happy Xmas
Suffocation – Cataclysmic Purification
Suicide Silence – Bludgeoned
Suicide Silence – Wake Up
Threat Signal – Rational Eyes
Three – All That Remains
Three Inches of Blood – Deadly Sinners (co w/RNF)
Through The Eyes of the Dead – Failure in the Flesh
Thy Will Be Done – Earths Final Embrace
Timeless – Thunderhawk
Twelve Tribes – Muzzle Order
Twelve Tribes – Translation of Fixes
Unearth – My Will Be Done
Valente, Reah – Coisa Linda
Valente, Reah – Beautiful Disaster
Valente, Reah – My Way Back Home
Valente, Reah – You’re So Special
Vanna – Safe to Say
Walsh, Ian – Catch My Eye
Walsh, Ian – Now or Never
Whitechapel – This Is Exile
Whitechapel – Possession