A few years back, I realized that I preferred grabbing the camera and doing the shooting over sitting in a chair and watching a monitor. Shooting allows me to be more “connected” to the art. I try to utilize the camera as an instrument… as another member of the band. Esoteric? Maybe. But that’s how I look at it.

Acacia Strain, The – Skynet
Acacia Strain, The – Angry Mob Justice
Acacia Strain, The : Live at Palladium, Worcester, Ma – Director/Editor/Jib Operator
Agonist, The – And Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep
Agonist, The – Business Suits and Combat Boots
Agonist, The – Thank You Pain
All American Rejects – Live at Virgin Megastore
All That Remains – Forever In Your Hands
Anew Revolution – Done
Arsis – Forced to Rock
Arsis – We Are the Nightmare
Austrian Death Machine – I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle
Black Dahlia Murder, The – Everything Went Black
Bleed the Dream – Closer
Bleed the Sky – Sullivan
Bleeding Through – Death Anxiety
Born Of Osiris – Now Arise
Brother Von Doom – Eater of Days
Cryptopsy – Worship Your Demons
Dead By Wednesday – Pawns
Devolved – Fractured
Doughty, Mike – Rising Up
Earth Crisis – To Ashes
Ekotren – Tranquilized
Empyreon – Beyond Perception
Forever the Sickest Kids – What Do You Want From Me
Full Blown Chaos – Halos for Heroes
Goatwhore – Apocalyptic Havok
Goatwhore – Forever Consumed Oblivion Live at Starland Ballroom
God Forbid – Live at Starland Ballroom
Gwar – Let Us Slay
Hate Eternal – Bringer of Storms
Hyde – Killer collage
OkGo – Live at University of Michigan
Kataklysm – Taking the World By Storm
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Cry Baby
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Matador
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Look At Me Now
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Luv U 2 Pieces
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – RedLight
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Rush
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Shy Boy
Kasenetz and Katz All Stars – Somebody Help Me
Kittie – CutThroat
Kittie – Sorrow I Know
Kylesa – Hollow Severer
Lin Q – GodSpeed
Midnight to Twelve – Slam
Misery Index – Traitors
Misery Signals – A Certain Death
Municipal Waste – Wrong Answer
My Children My Bride – Wings of Integrity
Necro – The Pre-Fix for Death
Necro – Mutilate the Beat
Opiate for the Masses – Burn You Down
Origin – Finite
Pig Destroyer – Loathsome
Red Car Wire – Timing Just Isn’t Your Thing
Red Chord, The – Demoralizer
Red Chord, The – Dread Prevailed
Revocation – Dismantle the Dictators
Shai Hulud – Misanthropy Pure
Sixth Gate – Unattached Human
Shadows Fall – Bark At The Moon
SkeletonWitch – Repulsive Salvation
Smashup, The – Let Loose the Black Sail
Soilent Green – Antioxidant
Suffocation – Cataclysmic Purification
Suicide Silence – Bludgeoned
Suicide Silence – Wake Up
Through The Eyes of the Dead – Failure in the Flesh
Three – All That Remains
Thy Will Be Done – Earths Final Embrace
Unearth – My Will Be Done
Vanna – Safe to Say
Valente, Reah – Beautiful Disaster
Walsh, Ian – Catch My Eye
Walsh, Ian – Now or Never
Whitechapel – This Is Exile
Whitechapel – Possession
Wolfbear – Anatomy Lesson