VISIGOTH : The Revenant King

Directed by David Brodsky (Strapping Young Lad, GWAR), the video tells an all-too-familiar tale of the craving of power, at any cost. But in this story, how can you take power from that which can’t die?

The Revenant King is now available to download via iTunes or through Metal Blade.



Director Dave Brodsky comments:

Holy crap, it was cold in Utah when we shot with Visigoth! Despite the chill, my partner Allie and I had an amazing time. It is always great to shoot with genuine musicians who also happen to be a pleasure to work with.

Quote Allie : “Snow! Beards! Epic shit!”

Special thanks to our “Kings”, Jason Tarpey and Jason Stock, who both suffered wearing chain-mail in below freezing weather.

The band states:

This video was made in true DIY fashion. Almost all of the props and costumes were provided by us and our friends, and the actors in the narrative portion of the video are actually all friends of ours (Jason Stock, who plays the Usurper, works at the Wasatch/Squatter’s co-op brewery with our drummer Mikey and can be seen on the bottle label for Hop Rising, the Squatter’s signature double IPA; Jason Tarpey, who plays the King, is not only a good friend of ours but is also the singer for Eternal Champion, one of my favourite current US heavy metal bands; and Paul Black, who plays the Advisor, is a good buddy of ours and is the vocalist of local Salt Lake City metal band Turned to Stone). The outdoor shots were filmed in Oakley, a small rural mountain town in Utah. It was frigid cold out when we shot the narrative portion – Jason T’s chainmail was freezing onto his skin by the end of it! The band performance shots were filmed in the Wasatch Brewery warehouse with nothing more than a minimal lighting rig and a fog machine provided by our buddy Brock Grossl (who used to play in Salt Lake City’s now-defunct speed metal maniacs Castleaxe). Of course, none of this could have been realized without the immense talents of filmographer David Brodsky his partner in crime Allison Woest, it ended up looking much better than any of us were expecting! Their skill behind the camera and Brodsky’s keen eye for editing are what really brought the project together. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy our little swords & sorcery offering. Cheers!