What’s to Know about David S. Brodsky

I’ve loved music, well, forever.

I’ve loved art also forever.

If you ask my mom, she’ll be able to drag out a photo of me standing near an eisle, covered in paint, with a huge grin on my face.  I must have been 2.  I wonder what happened to that painting now that I think of it…

I bounced around awhile, dabbling in music and art but never really putting the two together in a meaningful way.  I stumbled across the job that connected the dots and that job was the Art Department Manager at Tower Records.  Music.  Visuals.  Awesome.

I spent six years covered in paint at Tower Records.  Good times.  Then I went on to other things.  By the time I left Tower Records, hand-illustration and the like had all but disappeared so I picked up on using a computer.  I’d always liked computers also so it seemed sensible.

I jumped into advertising and eventually I was promoted to Art Director.  That was cool.  In that capacity I learned 3D animation.  Then I got bored of only being able to make flybys and decided I ought learn how to edit.  After figuring editing out, I had no choice but to learn 2D animation.  Weird, right?  Most people learn 2D before 3D.  See, there was a guy down the hall from my office that had some 3D programs and he showed me how to use them.  Ralph was a nice guy.

Eventually it was time to go it on my own.  I formed an LLC and called the company MyGoodEye – after a line in a Soundgarden song that I particularly liked.  If you know it, feel free to sing it when you see me.

MyGoodEye continues my melding of music and art.

I guess it’s fair to say that I covered a lot of ground. I’m an award-winning documentary editor, an indie filmmaker, an illustrator (both by hand and digital), an animator, a print designer, a DVD author and even a web designer. I even used to sing in a few bands. And no, you can’t hear the old CDs… well, maybe if you ask nicely.

At some point or other, I got into video editing and then into music video editing.  Eventually I got interested in DIRECTING music videos and commercials so I made the leap.

Entering the directing/producing arena, I put himself behind the camera (so to speak) for videos from artists such as ALL THAT REMAINS, THE STREET DRUM CORP f/ BERT McCRACKEN (of the USED), GOD FORBID, DIECAST, THE SMASHUP, THE RED CHORD, E-TOWN CONCRETE, HELMET, GWAR and a slew of others…

Somewhere around the dawn of 2007 I learned to use a camera and to shoot some of my videos.  Not too long after that I learned to operate a jib.  A jib, by the way, is (for lack of a better term) a camera on a stick.

With early success came more music videos and now I can safely say that I have produced, shot, edited and/or done animations for nearly 250 BROADCAST music videos in nearly every genre of music!

I have created, in some capacity or other, 100s of commercials for record labels, bands, corporations, pharaceutical companies, so on and so forth.

It unfair to keep using the term “I” as regards my “achievements”.  I can’t possibly have done this all by myself – and I know this.  Over the years there have been a number of people, both notable and notorious, who got me on my way and I thank them for it.  Truly.

I owe a mention to BOB CHIAPPARDI who, as the owner of CONCRETE MARKETING and partner in WARCON ENTERTAINMENT, gave me the chance and the encouragement to make my bones.  And an equally appreciative mention is owed my partner and better-half, Allison Woest.

Regarding music videos, in 2005, I was honored with THREE NOMINATIONS for MTV2’S HEADBANGER’S BALL MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR.  In 2006, I went up to FOUR nominations. 2007 turned out to be a banner year as I earned NINE nominations and WON THREE Best Music Video of 2007 Awards!  That was very cool.

In 2008, I broke some records.

With SEVENTEEN NOMINATIONS, I guess I can say that I left all others in the dust and, really, no other DIRECTOR since the inception of the HEADBANGER’S BALL over 20 YEARS AGO has been honored with so many nominations!  What a kick.  Honestly, I can’t really wrap my head around that.

Thankfully, I also WON the 2008 BEST MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR!  FOUR more videos placed in the TOP 25, making me the winningest video Director of the year – and, as near as I can tell, the winningest video director in the history of MTV2’s HEADBANGER’S BALL.

It’s a great thing, actually, to have the work that the bands, the crew and I do together get recognized.

2009 had me directing, shooting and editing 32 more music videos and doing a bunch of commercial work for a variety of labels and artists.

Again, our efforts were rewarded with a number of BEST VIDEO awards throughout the internet and broadcast TV.  Notably our videos for SUICIDE SILENCE, MUNICIPAL WASTE and GWAR all were hailed as BEST OF 2009!

2010 came and went and MTV pretty much took a tailspin as regards playing music videos.   Too bad, but understandable given the proliferation of video on-demand on the internet.  Still, throughout the blogosphere we had some triumphs and BEST OF recognition with THE RED CHORD : Demoralizer, MUNICIPAL WASTE : Wolves of Chernobyl, KYLESA : Tired Climb, AS I LAY DYING : Parallels and IN THIS MOMENT : The Promise!

When all is said and done, I hope you’ll find something on this site to get excited about.  I do my damnedest to pay the proper amount of respect to the creative-lives of my clients.

We try to have a great experience and a good time – after all, what’s better than being creative all day and working with other artists?  I love my “job” and the people I do it with.  I hope it shows.
Your Humble Narrator…

David Brodsky